Meet our November Resident of the Month!

Say hello to our Resident of the Month: Helen W.

Miss Helen was born in West Philadelphia, but moved to Atlantic City with her mother at two weeks of age. As a young girl, she became involved in her church community, singing in the choir and joining the Junior Missionaries.

Outside of church she enjoyed being a Girl Scout. Miss Helen was the class speaker at her junior high graduation and the Valedictorian of her high school. After graduation, she worked at jobs in a bakery and a cafeteria, as well as a baby sitter.

When she was 21, Miss Helen passed the Civil Service exam and moved back to Philadelphia for a job with the Veterans Administration. Later, she moved to the IRS, working as a keypunch operator before she became an instructor. She retired from the Civil Service after winning two awards and wearing “many hats.”

During her retirement, she enjoyed traveling nationally and internationally with friends, filling her passport with stamps from England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Caribbean Islands. Miss Helen continued to be an active member in her church, and still communicates regularly with several dear friends.

Miss Helen has some words of advice to pass along: “Have faith in yourself! I started out in a bakery as a teenager and worked my way up to becoming a Civil Servant. I wasn’t supposed to be able to do it, but I believed in myself and worked hard. Don’t give up, and keep smiling!”