Meet Our December Resident of the Month

Ophelia Middleton grew up in North Philadelphia and was named after her grandmother.  As a child and teenager, Miss Ophelia loved listening to the Motown records her mother bought for her.  She also recalls that growing up she always had a pet, and remembers pushing one willing cat around her neighborhood in a baby stroller.  Miss Ophelia met her future husband, Curtis, when his sister moved in next door.  He was a student at the Tracy Warner School of Design and convinced her to model his creations.  This led to other modeling jobs, which she continued to do after their marriage and up until the births of their four sons. Miss Ophelia’s favorite leisure activity was going to dance clubs such as the Funky Dunky.  She recalls going out with friends to boogie the night away, saying “You don’t need to diet if you’re burning calories showing off your dance moves!”  Miss Ophelia’s words of advice are to always remain true to yourself.  You want as few regrets as possible, and the best way to do that is to follow your heart.  But most importantly, “Let God be your leader.  I have trusted in Him my entire life.  I have had several near death experiences, and God brought me through them all. ”