Meet Your June Resident of the Month

Resident of the Month: Delores E.

Mrs. Delores was born at Philadelphia General Hospital, “somewhere in the middle” of the lineup of ten children.  She was a self-described tomboy, saying that she preferred climbing trees and playing stickball with her brothers over jumping rope and playing jacks with the other girls.   

Miss Delores’ first job was working at a Hot Shoppes Drive-In Restaurant in Jenkintown.  She was initially a fan of their Pappy Parker’s Chicken but ate so much of it that she soon grew sick at the sight of it, and switched to eating the hot fudge sundaes at break time.  It was while working at the Hot Shoppes when she attended a Job Corps training program that she met her husband-to-be, Ronald.  He was a sharp dresser and made her feel like a queen.  They were married for eight years and had four children together before his death.   

Miss Delores never married again, and laughs when telling of the many types of jobs she held through the years, including home health aide, keypunch operator, and finally as a librarian assistant for the Free Library of Philadelphia .  She greatly enjoyed her time there, and retired after 21 years from the West Philadelphia Regional Branch.  Miss Delores added, “People think working in a library is dull, but I can tell you, we see things that you wouldn’t believe!” Miss Delores’ words of advice: “Don’t trust the people that say ‘Just between you and me’ ”