Meet Your July Resident of the Month

Meet Your July Resident of the Month: Natalie C.

Mrs. Natalie was born in West Philadelphia and lived on the fifteenth floor of the Mill Creek Projects. She was the youngest of three and the only girl. Miss Natalie describes herself as a “girly girl” but enjoyed playing dodgeball and basketball. When she was six her family moved from Mill Creek to the Spruce Hill neighborhood (now University City) and says that they were the first Black family on their street. They moved from a very small apartment to a three story home and she recalls the joy of running up and down the many flights of stairs and of having her own bedroom.

After Miss Natalie graduated from high school, she attended a program at the Philadelphia General Hospital to become an X-ray technician. It was at the hospital that she met Arnette Caldwell. Prior to any type of date, Mr. Caldwell announced, “I’m going to marry you.” Miss Natalie graduated from the program in 1971 and they married in 1973. They had one son together, Damion Sheldon. Miss Natalie shared that she chose his name very carefully because she wanted it to sound good when read aloud at graduation. She says that God is awesome because both her husband and son are preachers and accomplished organists.

Miss Natalie’s words of advice: “Love life and love God.”