Meet Your August Resident of the Month

Meet Your August Resident of the Month: Ibrahima Kakay  

Mr. Ibrahima Kakay was born in West Africa in the country of Sierra Leone, one of four children. His son, Mamadu, shared that Mr. Kakay was always popular both for his good looks and sense of community.   

As a young man, he worked in the diamond mines as both a miner and a dealer, but he always loved studying the Quran. As he got older he became more serious about his religious life and became an Imam in his 60s.   

In the early 2000s Sierra Leone went through a devastating Civil War.  Mr.Kakay was instrumental in helping a family escape. They became so close that they called him “Pop” and brought him to the United States in 2004.  In Philadelphia, Mr. Kakay became the Imam of the local Sierra Leonian Mosque in West Philadelphia.   

He has lived at Renaissance for the last eleven years and remains a beloved and revered member of both his Muslim community and the community here at Renaissance.  Mr. Kakay is the very proud father of 14 children, and has lived in Guinea, Senegal, Liberia, and India, in addition to the US.  His words of advice are: “Having faith, peace of mind, and a healthy lifestyle will help you to live a long life.”