Subacute Rehabilitation Facility Near Philadelphia

Subacute Rehabilitation Facility Near Philadelphia

Renaissance Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is a distinguished provider of subacute rehabilitation. Noted for our long-lasting & extraordinarily devoted staff, Renaissance provides attentive, cutting-edge care in an immaculate environment. We utilize the latest medical science and technology to deliver remarkable therapeutic results in subacute rehabilitation.

Our highly skilled and compassionate therapists deliver therapy 7 days a week in our state-of-the-art gym. Whether one is recovering from orthopedic surgery, stroke, traumatic injury, heart disease or any other incapacitating condition, our interdisciplinary team coordinates a personal subacute rehab regimen specific to your needs.

Our specialized Rehabilitative Care includes:
• Orthopedic Rehab
• Cardiac Recovery
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Cognitive Therapy

Our individualized and progressive approach is goal-oriented and specifically designed to help you reach your optimal level of function and get back to the life in Philadelphia you love.

Contact us today at 215-727-4450 to discuss effective subacute rehabilitation!

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Philadelphia Resources:
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Philadelphia Police Department – The Philadelphia Police Department strives to be the model of excellence in policing by working in partnership with the community and others to fight crime, enforce laws, provide quality service, and create a work environment that recruits, trains, and develops an exceptional team of employees.

The Franklin Institute – The Franklin Institute is one of the oldest centers of science education and development in the country. The institute continues to provide public education and creates a passion for science by offering new and exciting access to science and technology.

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